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Leading The Way In Human Performance

Who Are We?

We understand that not everyone is the same.

Our core philosophy is that, with the right support, everyone has the potential to achieve better physical performance, better mobility and better overall health.


Wherever you are on your fitness journey, we will meet you where you are at and help you progress to where you want to be. This process always starts with a detailed assessment/consultation. The aim is to determine objective health and performance markers, and identify areas of weakness or niggles to work through as part of your programming.

What will I gain?

An invigorated feeling towards your training through carefully designed progressions. Built around your daily routine, your lifestyle and your body. 


Our sustainable approach will allow you to access pain-free movement without sacrificing your goals.

How does it work?

We do not believe in a "one size fits all" model to health or training. We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service, and will work with you to decide what best suits your needs. However, most of our clients prefer either: (i) a fully remote programming service, with regular check-ins and support constantly available; or (ii) a hybrid approach, with some in-person training and additional remote support and programming to top-up, in whatever proportions work best.

What's next?

Our Programme Is Designed For You

Girl having assessment



Our initial assessments, conducted in-person, usually last around 90 minutes. We will run through your training history, lifestyle, injury/niggle history, any reports from other consultants and discuss your goals.

Then we will:

  • Carry out a detailed mobility assessment, focused on assessing your range of motion and ability to exert and sustain force in different planes of movement. This helps us to identify imbalances and weaknesses.

  • Measure a variety of objective markers, including blood pressure, BMI, body fat % and blood glucose levels. This helps us to understand a bit more about your current overall physical condition and metabolic health.

  • Depending on your goals), perform some basic gym-based strength and movement tests, including treadmill/running analysis where relevant.

  • This helps us to make sure we programme at the right level of intensity for you.


Report / Feedback

After your initial assessment, we will prepare a report which summarises our findings and sets out some recommended next steps. However you choose to move forward with your fitness journey, this will provide you with a useful roadmap of things to think about and areas of weakness to focus on.


If you would like to continue working with us, we usually find it best to discuss the report with you in more detail before then embarking on the next stage.

This is where the fun...and perhaps a little bit of hard work... begins!

Meet the Team

Expert Support & Guidance

Our Clients.

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