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Our bodies have an incredible ability to adapt, and our bodies all move differently.

The human body is extremely sophisticated but often seeks a path of least resistance and lowest energy cost. Unfortunately, this can lead to inherently poor movement patterns, especially if you have had previous injuries or taken shortcuts to help you achieve your performance goals in the fastest period of time.

The result is that muscles are either not working properly or working too hard, and performance is limited.

Our biomechanics assessment examines the major muscles, nerves, and individual bone structures, such as the pelvis, spine, shoulders, knees, and feet. Our goal is to determine areas of weakness and/or abnormal function to help steer you to a pathway of pain-free function and improved performance.

Book yourself in for a biomechanics assessment to find out more about your:


Foot Mechanics

Joint Force Profiling

Performance Parameters specific to your goal(s)

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